Photo courses at Fairmont mix old with new, bringing antiquated methods and modern technology together to explore the vast possibilities of image-making today.

Courses taught include Photo I, Photo II and College Credit Plus (CCP) Photography.

Instructor Amy Powell has an MFA in photography from Ohio State, as well as MA in Art Education. Her photography has been collected by The Dayton Art Institute and can be found in publications such as The Washington Post, RollingStone, Wall Street Journal, Elle, Fortune, and more.

Photo I

In this semester course, students learn about the invention and history of photography. They build their own cameras, learn to chemically process images, make negatives/positives and create a variety of wet-based art projects using a darkroom. Students use smartphones, editing apps (Lightroom) and employ the latest techniques in the field to make digital artworks. Art criticism and research will be introduced.

Photo II

In this semester course, students explore numerous alternative photographic processes, in addition to advanced digital media. Students will photograph with medium-format film cameras, develop film and print in the darkroom, learn to scan negatives, create cyanotypes, use studio lighting, apply mixed media in their work, apply the basics of Photoshop/Lightroom, and use digital cameras. Finding a personal style and vision is encouraged as students progress.

CCP Photo

This is a yearlong course taken for dual credit - where students can earn three college credits through Wright State University while in high school. Students photograph with a 35mm SLR film camera to complete six projects designed to spark creativity and push limits. Students will independently develop film and print their photographs in the darkroom. Emphasis will be placed on writing concise artist statements, self-evaluation and meaningful participation in critiques.